Fredman – Service pack adventureFredman – Service pack adventure

Fredman’s first day on the job and everything goes haywire.
To fund his archaeological studies, he has taken a job as a courier package at Med-EX.
Easier said than done.
The market is highly competitive, and other service providers have devised various stumbling blocks in order to complicate the matter Fredman.

Black coats have open, the doors, the keys needed in the various levels hidden. The key to the green door is, however, to follow a rumor, are near the red door.

– First go to the central warehouse (right) to grab some packages
– Forget not the powerup on the way back (jump energy) and the chest (arrow key “up”)
– Jump over holes in the ground…
run (eg by law), and shortly before use the spacebar to jump
– To climb a ladder just press the arrow key “up”
– You take a key by pressing the arrow key “up”
– Open doors with the same color key. Use arrow key “up”
– To deliver the packets go to the shop owner, and press the arrow key “up”


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