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Nye spillCategory: Action
Legend of the Void
I ren Heroe’s stil skal du slosse deg igjennom Calderia ved bruk av en haug av våpen, beskyttelser, magiske krefter og diverse redskaper. Instruksjoner Du bruker kun mus og noen tastatur-snarveier. — Trykk R for å løpe — Om du klikker og holder ned museknappen beveger du deg mot musa - Play »
Kamikaze Pigs
Lukten av grillet pølse fyller luften når grisene sprenger seg en etter en for sin arme. Bli med å ta livet av noen griser for å låse opp nye våpen, brett og andre utfordringer på veien til krigens ende. Dette psillet har 40 nivå pakket med utfordrende brett med store “siste-bosser”. Spill deg igjennom nivåene […] - Play »
Brave Gunmen 2.0
You are a brave gunmen,pick up your weapons,to destroy all enemy. - Play »
Outkrek Easy
The all-popular hit-the-brick game revisited, now optimized for kids! Huge bricks and a big ball enable easy gameplay even for the youngest gamers. - Play »
Find the black sheep
A simple strategic game where the user has to find the wolf which is dressed as a sheep - Play »
Bumpy Racer
Get ready for the bumpy ride… Play single player or Multi-Player unlock new levels and unlock new cars. - Play »
Alien crash
Cute little alien can’t phone home…but with your help, he can find his UFO. Make the journey back to your crash-landed flying saucer. Strategically use the objects in your inventory to reach each level’s checkered flag. You can’t finish level without picking key item. Good luck, little alien! - Play »
Burger Eater
Burgere plasseres foran deg. Ikke vær beskjeden, spis de! Klikk på en burger for å spise den - Play »
Count The Shining Stars
count the shining stars click on the shining stars to count them - Play »
Quad Bubble Extreme Slick
Quad Bubble Extreme Slick Edition – Intensive matching color action is back and is gonna test your matching skills to the max! - Play »
Sticky Ninja Academy
Beat 30 levels in this unique physics / platform game. - Play »
The Axe Ninja
Help the ninja throw his magical axe at the monsters and save the fairies. 10 levels of intense action. - Play »
a little fun puzzle game! Finding all handsome faces in pairs on the screen! - Play »
Navigate Robots
In this action-puzzle game you need to help robots to collect all gears on the level. Draw a path for them and evade all security bots. Finish levels in the shortest time and get all 15 gold stars! - Play »
Super Bird Jumper
Jump and Duck to avoid the birds in this fast paced dodging game. As the levels increase, so does the difficulty. How long can you last? Super Bird Jumper game is very easy to play. You can also play this game on your android device. It is in the Android Market as Super Bird Jumper. - Play »
Balloon Taker
click the balloons to take them out - Play »
Bubbly Poppy
Big bubbles are annoying people. Take the cannon and shoot them. Shoot the bubbles collect the items Use the arrow keys to move the cannon. Use space bar to fire. - Play »
City Smile
Spread your emotions and capture all unhappy smileys to win in this fun real-time strategy! - Play »
Can’t Catch!
You can’t catch it! - Play »
Paddle Shooter
This is a super cool minigame. - Play »
Race your bike passing through various obstacles. - Play »
Eine und Kleine
Active and vivid adventure platformer with two nice heroes. Eine (a girl) and Kleine (a boy) are looking for trophies. - Play »
Death Escape
Pleasant goat fell into a cliff,The only way to escape is jump up. But there’s many monsters in cliff, can she escape? Arrow key control Pleasant goat move. - Play »
Classic Beauty Minesweeper
Your mission is to open all the mine-free regions and mark the ones that contain mines with the help of our Classic Beauty. Can you reveal all the mines and achieve the highest score? We have a fun Minesweeper style game for you to challange featuring the beautiful Classic Beauty Lana ready to help you […] - Play »
Sushi Fighter
Eat as much sushies as you can! Destroy all of the cute enemies, collect weapons, powerups! Good luck! - Play »
Baby Ada Smashes Glass
Baby Ada is a naughty boy.This time he want to smash glass with a ball.Calculate the intensity and angle,then click the mouse to kick the ball.The more glasses you smash,the hight score you will recieve. - Play »
Tenis exploder TD
Shoot all tenis ball with you tower. - Play »
Pixie Legend
Catch as many legendary pixies as you can in this fun catching game. The pixies will be gone after the dawn breaks so do it fast! High score is included. - Play »
Derby Driver 2
This time the demolition derby is a fight for survival! You can’t trust anybody in the city. Take ’em down! Build your own games like this on! Make Your Own Games. - Play »
Elephant killer td
Elephants began to invade your territory. Destroy all with your towers with different powers. - Play »
Monster Destroyer TD
kill all monsters with your weapon and earn money for upgrades. - Play »
Piranha super attack tower defense
Piranha is very dangerous fish. Destroy all with your guns before they reach the end. - Play »
Smiley killer tower defense
Use your towers to shoot all annoying smiley - Play »
Bear attack tower defense
Bears are very powerful so use your towers as well to kill them. - Play »
Crikey Snowball!
Crikey Snowflake! Good fun for you. Rabbit eat snowflake to have points. - Play »
Cube Me – Fishing
这是cube me系列里的一个新游戏,类似于挖金子类。你必须吊起河里的机械鱼,并把它放到恐龙头里咬碎,获取分数。当分数到达一定值的时候,才能过关。 - Play »
Chipacabra Math
Test your math skills while fighting monsters in this unique platformer game! - Play »
Ladybug Bomb
Stop the ladybugs!! Plant timed bombs to prevent the ladybugs from reaching the other side. - Play »
Mafia Driven : The Mob Job Remixed
Drive, deal and kill for the Mafia in Chinatown, LA. - Play »
Xtreme Speed Boat
Crank up your speed and win the race! - Play »
Physics game with achievements and breakout elements. You have 10 different stages. Beat the game and get all the achievements! THE GOAL: SURVIVE! - Play »
Use your head wisely… to punch the ball 🙂 Box2D based headball simulation game for one or two players. Two modes: single player and two players on one computer. Three levels of difficulty. Addition mode “falling bricks” in options. When brick is falling on player’s head. Avoid the brick or loose your head. Try it […] - Play »
Tank Attack!
Cover your battalion. Control the tank. Destroy the enemy! - Play »
Dock It!
Ahoy Captain! Time to sail around the world! - Play »
Homework Tower Defence
We don’t need no homework. So we are going to destroy it once and for all From math to chemistry to music, it’s all taken care of in Homework Tower Defence. - Play »
Bricks Adventure
Bricks Adventure is a fresh take of Brick Breaking classic genre combined with shooter gameplay elements. Play with the Ball, bounce it with the Pad, shoot Bullets to different enemies, grab more than 20 Powerups and destroy all the Bricks and Enemies. - Play »
Perfect Shot
As a hired gun, we expect efficiency and confidentiality from you. You will be marked on the accuracy of your marksmanship in all the missions and your ability to remain undercover throughout the mission. - Play »
Car Games
Car games is a series of casual flash games, all car oriented for your enjoyment. There is a car wash game, 2 car parking games, a car customization game and a nice driving game cone racing. We have hear several game series all in one. Another game from Enjoy! - Play »
Bone Catcher
Play the flying dog! Help him fight his way through hordes of enemies in 8 thrilling levels. Each level introducing new enemies and intense boss battles. Collect bones along the way. The more bones you collect the more bonus points you’ll get. His ultimate power? He morphs into an invincible ball when he collects a […] - Play »
A giant fleet of enemy is escorting an enemy Flying Fortress that is heading towards our lines.. it’s your duty to stop them! - Play »
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